"Anyone can cook, not Everyone can Create!"


Best Choice Caterers: The best Catering Cape Town has to offer!

Whether it’s catering for a corporate or commercial event, spectacular food for a wedding, outside catering for a private event or a fine dining experience,

Best Choice Caterers can provide the planning and preparation, exquisite food and impeccable catering service that will make for an unforgettable experience for any client.

We are considered one of the best caterers in Cape Town. No other catering companies can match Best Choice Caterers quality and attention to detail.

Best Choice Caterers is a highly professional and extremely dedicated event catering company, created by a team of catering and event management specialists with close to 30 years experience in the business.

Our catering services are unmatched and we have the years and experience to prove it. We take a modern approach to event catering, creating distinctive food, made from seasonal local ingredients to meet the individual needs for each and every client.

We have provided catering Cape Town and event management services for a variety of individuals from blue chip companies to leading celebrities across the Globe. We are a highly motivated and a dedicated team working to meet our clients highest expectations. We are one of the best catering companies cape town has to offer. Here are just a few of the services that we provide to our clients:

Ready Made Take Home Meals

We have special catering services for those that do not have the time to make an authentic homemade meal.

Most of the day is taken up by work and traveling in traffic, and sometimes there is no time to make a nice home cooked meal. And who doesn’t enjoy the luxury of a warm high quality Delicious traditional home made meal.

Our meals are guaranteed to keeping your body healthy and no doubt, keeping your taste buds delighted. We offer a variety of great tasting meals with the highest consideration for each customer to cater to their request.

Our ready made meals are perfect for the customer who wants to get all the benefits of a traditional home made meal, but time or skill escapes them.

Our meals range from pre -made pastries, to main meal options, desserts and dietary specific meal options for low GI, Diabetic and Vegan clients.

Corporate & Conference Catering

Eating In is the new Dining out. Best Choice Caterers would like to present the ultimate in personal dining.

We will arrive at your premises with everything we need to create a superb restaurant experience in your home.
All you have to do is invite your guests, relax and enjoy the excellent food, fine wine and luxurious ambiance of a top restaurant in the comfort of your own home.

We can also provide a butler service for the most prestigious dining experience you will ever have. Contact Best Choice today and wow your guests with an occasion they will never forget. The restaurant experience in your home.

Everything is supplied and taken care of with bread selection and freshly brewed coffee and fine teas. Still having doubt’s as to why we are regarded as the one of the best caterers in cape town? Why not give us a try and find out why.

Platter Service

Our platters are in high recommendation. We have a variety of impeccable patters that will delight your taste buds and amaze your quests. Our platter menu is as follows. We have a variety of:

  • Breakfast platters
  • Finger lunch platters
  • Mixed platters

To view the platter menu click here.

Wedding Catering

Need a caterer for your wedding. We offer tailor made solutions to your liking and affordable rates that will make your wedding truly unique.

Our Menu

Our meals range from pre -made pastries, to main meal options, desserts and dietary specific meal options for low GI, Diabetic and Vegan clients.

Corporate Catering

We have been operating for close to 30 years now and our experience in Corporate and company catering speaks for itself!

Specialty Pastries

Specialized menu items that offer pastries and delicacies to special needs diets and the gourmet alike.  Handcrafted pies, pastries, biscuits and rusks that are artisan made using only the choicest ingredients and mostly organic.  If you have an idea or feel restricted by your dietary options, contact us for various options.

Smell, Savor, Experience

We handcraft items ranging from homegrown olives, marinated in a Moroccan blend of spices, to intricate spice blends, marinades and rubs.  We have a delectable range of marinated goods as well as handmade cheeses and tofu products. Another reason why we are the best cape town catering company around.

Cooking Classes and Training

Whether you are planning for the slow seduction of a meal or an imaginative morsel to engage and heighten passion, we teach, through appetizing, hands-on cooking instruction: by sharing preparation techniques and ideas.

Every individual class consists of a singular menu setting and selection, with background information and food lore about aphrodisiac spice blends and mythical love elixirs and potions.  We plan the menu from starter to decadent dessert, and then seduce you and yours with the anticipation, created by the visual feast and aromas of the actual creation.

You will learn preparation skills (including knife and cooking techniques) and more comprehensive appreciation for the region, ingredients and country’s cuisine.

Are you looking for a Catering Company?

Best choice caterers has close to 30 years experience in Catering. If you are looking for a professional catering service, then look no further.