Cocktail Finger Lunch Menu

Choose from selection below – 3 Veg options, 2 Fish options, 1 meat option, 1 sweet treat


Selection of marinated olives

Greek salad salsa on tortilla shards

Small tartlets with blue cheese and olives

Mini olive scones with creamed feta and caramalised red onion

Mozzarella, tomato and basil crostini

Parmesan shortbread with creamed feta and red onion relish

Baby pancake rolls with dill dip

Cherry tomatoes filled with herbed cream cheese

Seasonal vegetable crudite, Cape country pate and herbed cheese

Mini Mediterranean vegetable tartlets with mozzarella

Phyllo pastry filled with vegetable breyani

Rice paper rolls with African salad and harissa dip

Gratinated stuffed portabella mushrooms with pomodora crostini

Marinated artichoke hearts served with water crackers and camembert

Roasted pepperoni, garlic hummus on mini pitas


Thai fish balls skewered with calamari and fennel mayo

Salmon rolls with cucumber salad on a noodle cake

feta and shrimp pasties

Golden linefish batons served on chickpea puree with green onion salsa

Homemade garlic bread with tomato salsa and cold shrimp

Eastern salmon fish balls, served on cucumber rounds with piquant peach chutney

Mini mascarpone and prawn tartlets

Mini shrimp cocktail with horseradish dip

Smoked salmon, capers and cucumber wraps

Baby baked potatoes filled with smoked sole and hollandaise

Skewered garlic prawns

Phyllo pastry filled with Mozambican prawn curry

Calamari goujons, with lime aioli

Tuna and salmon cakes on roasted salsa potato cubes



Asian marinated chicken in a crepe with fresh coriander Salad

Tunisian meatballs with red salsa

Marinated tongue on crostini with mustard mousse

Sliced genoa hallaal salami, cream cheese on basil crostini

Olives, capers, sweet pickles, pepperoni on smoked, peppered turkey breast

Lightly steamed mushrooms, marinated, served with mature cheddar and sliced pastrami

Skewered Lebanese lemon chicken breast with 3 dips

Tiny mustard and honey muffins with shredded chicken

Rosemary scones topped with rare roast beef

Tea smoked chicken breast on sweet potato tarts

Phyllo pastry filled with a selection of African delicasies
(Moroccan Lamb, Ghanaian coconut chicken)

Selection of skewered poultry with dipping sauces

Sirloin, slow roasted, served on potato latkes with portabella and rosemary jus

Beef and Lamb Koftas in mini pita’s with tzatziki

Mini chicken prego rolls

Mini pastry cups with traditional African curries, served with a variety of relishes

Mini peanut chicken rice wraps with hot dips

Mini ciabatta with rare roast beef and horseradish mayo

Comes in a selection of Veg, Fish and Meat options

Skewered raviolis in a creamed garlic sauce

Selection of gourmet samoosa’s

Hand raised pies

Baby quiche with assorted fillings


Tiered selection of pastries

Miniature sweet delicacies (baby brownies, strawberry shortbread)

Fresh fruit skewers with scented lavender yoghurts

Miniature dar chocolate tartlets


Fruit skewers drizzled with passion fruit and served with clotted cream


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