Leadomax Manufactures presents to you Firm Tofu. Leadomax  is a business under Best Choice Caterers. In  our day and age that we are living in, there is a definite need for a healthier life style. The foods that are sold at our general stores are over processed, hormone invested and most meats are injected with antibiotics. There is a huge market gap for healthy cuisine and so Leadomax was created by the owner of Best Choice. All tofu made by Leadomax is 100% organic which makes a very healthy diet option.

Tofu in Cape TownTofu is an extremely protein rich, nutritious and highly delicious food, that is made from the curds of soybean milk, also known as “The Cheese of the Orient” Tofu is truly a culinary chameleon and its inherent base lends itself to amazing food applications.

Tofu is one of nature’s most versatile foods, in that it can be utilized in everything from salad dressings right through to desserts. It can be made in a range of different consistencies, which allows it to be utilized in many varied recipes and cooking methods.

Tofu is an exceptional health promoting food that is especially interesting to vegetarians, vegans and those having to cope with special dietary requirements and lifestyles.

Tofu is great for frying, baking and grilling, and can be marinated. It is ideal in curries, stews, stir-fries, soups and salad.

Tofu has huge biblical significance for those contemplating the ‘Daniel Fast’. Together with your intake of fruit and vegetables tofu is an alternative protein source for meat.

Tofu is sold in pre packed vacuum sealed portions of minimum 350g. All products are vacuum sealed and prepared in a HACCP compliant food preparation facility.


Our Pricing:

  • Labeled Tofu (+-350g) @ R 28.00 per unit
  • Catering Grade Tofu @ R 18.00 per unit
  • Tofu per kilogram @ R 50.00
  • Smoked Hickory Tofu @ R 34.00 per unit

The company has fast become part of a local chain that believes in ‘taking food to the people’ and in so doing commits to investing in a healthier society.


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